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TreeTrunk Group of Companies (TTGr), North America's Largest, Small Company

TreeTrunk Group of Companies (TTGr) is a company whose primary focus is to create ethical, innovative and profitable products and solutions to meet various needs created by the changes occurring in the world. TreeTrunk Group. strongly believes that the key to success is a combination of adaption and adaptation as well as forward thinking and innovation. Through the adherence to these principals, as well as a strong moral compass, both intrinsic and extrinsic wealth is inevitable.

Our Story

Growing up, we always heard the infamous lines “Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees. As a young company, we always rebutted with technically money is made of paper, which is made of trees, but it was a tough sell.

Fast forward a few years, and TreeTrunk Group of Companies is a growing conglomerate of investments in many spaces. TreeTrunk serves as a reminder that money does grow on trees, as long as you care, nourish and maintain it.

Our Companies

Anyone can change the world, as long as they have a dream, determination, and are consistent with their actions. We don’t believe in companies. We believe in dreams backed by action.

TreeTrunk Marketing

TreeTrunk Marketing – a unique marketing brand that believes in making world-class real estate marketing, affordable and available to agents and property owners.


HomeSwipr – an interactive real estate search experience, targeted at millennials to empowering them to browse at real estate through a convenient medium.


PropZap – a home buying service that purchases homes for cash and resells them to investors.


RealtyLeaf – a real estate brokerage targeted at Millenials, offering 3 levels of service.


Harvest – a machine learning and artificial intelligence based tool to evaluate homes by walking through them.


ForSmartAgents – a one-stop shop for real estate agents to purchase services and experiences for their clients.

Capital T

Capital T – a financing and venture arm dedicated to reinvesting profits from TreeTrunk Group into various ventures across many landscapes.

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